Why Fire Is Killing You

After the guy with the black suit letting her enter the room with the towering walls, she could only stare at him with all doubts from the motion of her jittery eyes—until his attendance slowly disappeared from the gap of the door.

Along with the squeaking and rasping noise of rusted hinges, he shut the door hastily, causing a terrifying echo dispersed inside the hollow room. It was dark in there, and damp, surrounded by the stench of burning woods that stung her sense of smell. Under the dim light emerging from the large windows around the room, she noticed that it was not just a room; it was a studio, an enormous space where EXO[1] used it as a setting for their Kokobop[2] music video several years ago.

She was about to leave as the man in the suit did not allow her to bring her phone. But she abandoned her intention when she found an illuminated light glazing at the center of the room, fell on a presence of a guy where he was sitting solemnly on a long red sofa that only enough for two persons.

Her heart thumped in a mad and erratic way. She thought, she would meet the representative from the agency tonight to talk over the significant proposition about this guy. Instead, she found him yonder, in front of her, with the new soft pink painted on his hair, puffy with smooth curves like the waves of the ocean.

The guy was staring at his phone, making his pale skin glowing under the white neon. His legs crossed, and when he was aware she was staring at him, he put his phone down on his side, moved his right hand to lay on the head of the sofa.

“Come in,” he asked with his deep voice she always admired.

The astonishing look on her face suddenly changed into an awkward grin. She fixed her glasses that swiftly slipped on her small nose. She cursed at herself about why she was wearing an old sweater and an unmatched training pants tonight. Though her body was as thin as her cultural standard, this was not her best look after all.


Park Chanyeol was waiting for her. Right there, devastatingly dashing to be looked at.

She closed the gape of her jaws to hide its unbridled enthusiasm with her hands. The smile blooming on his face was beyond belief, especially when it was showing a pair of charming dimples on his cheeks. He patted the cushion on the sofa, beckoned her to come over.

Reflexively she obeyed. At her leisure pace she walked across the big room to pass two of the four pillars that held the glass roof, and in a graceful way placed herself next to him.

Chanyeol continuously observed her with his grim look, finding the girl—which he assumed was younger than him—acted clumsily, whether she had to look back at him or avoid his hazelnut eyes that now darker than usual. Seeing the girl linking her fingers nervously, he then touched her dark messy hair, stroke it slowly to create sparks in her chest. Her heart now was racing unceasingly.

“Was it you—who spread that lousy rumor about me?” he asked while playing with the edge of her short hair.

His voice was full of charms, a soft whisper that provoking her heart to explode by his temptation.

She quickly shook her head, “It’s my boyfriend. I wasn’t—” her words stopped when Park Chanyeol grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him as she kept avoiding his eyes since she arrived there.

Her lips trembled, not because she was frightened, but she was unable to take all the aesthetics that radiated from his frame.

“I heard you are one of my fans. Or was,” Chanyeol’s fingers rubbed her skin gently around her jaws.

She stunned, resisting to make the slightest move at all. The way Chanyeol looked at her, she understood that he was capable to break her neck at that moment considering his brawny and muscular hand were able to grasp half of her face in one hold.

“I am still your loyal fan, Chanyeol,” she muttered, once again, avoiding his eyes by staring at his flushed lips.

“Then why,” he growled, sending a command to his fingers to feel the sweat on her plump neck. He glanced at her curves furtively, then he snorted as if she was overly despicable.

“It’s him,” she swallowed hard, struggling to fix her glasses as it slipped again from her nose, “he was jealous as I keep mentioning your name whenever we are together.”

“And naturally you let him did it?” there was no pressure from the way he talked, but she could feel a sensation of fear and intimidation, “I can’t believe you are lying to me, to your oppa[3],” he pouted his lips while staring at her. He put away his finger and laid back at the sofa, his elbow forming a shape of triangle to hold his temple on his fist.

She shrunk, shaking her head to eliminate the smell from Chanyeol’s body that kept hallucinating her.

“He is the only one who loves me and you know I can’t have you, Oppa,” she said, laid the palm of her hand on Chanyeol’s lap for a moment until the cold stare from his look made her retreated herself.

She knew he was mad. And her answers infuriated him.

Her boyfriend spread a false rumor about him; causing such ruckus with the media. At first, she was relieved to meet Chanyeol instead of his manager to discuss this issue. But now, she realized that she was in trouble.

She never knew Park Chanyeol possessed that kind of eyes; a ghastly look from his sweet puppy eyes.

Knowing that her mind was wandering, Chanyeol tried to bring her back to reality by feeling her arm, down slowly until their fingers rubbed each other, especially when Chanyeol held them, “You are quite attractive, young lady. Would you like to leave him for me?”

She gasped because the intimidating look from Chanyeol’s eyes became tame, “W-what do you mean?”

”I will allow you to own me—these eyes, these lips, these ears, and even this body you always imagine to sleep with,” he raised her hand so he could land a soft peck on it, “as long as you tell me where he is,” he added, offering a simple request that would absolutely gave her a huge advantage.

While Chanyeol held her hand, his other hand moved to open the buttons on his flowery shirt, showing his abs on his flat bare stomach.

“Y-you are so funny,” she frowned and puzzled. Her head spun around as the smell of burnt wood combined with fresh grass from his body started to lose her conscience. And when Chanyeol stripped his clothes for her, she believed she would be deceased in a matter of second.

She was in an indecisive dilemma now. She promised her boyfriend to not telling anybody who and where he was—or he would leave her alone, rotten in her tiny apartment, suffering from her little life while working as an intern in a toxic company down in Seoul. That way they could negotiate a sum of money with Chanyeol’s agency as a bribe. Even though there was no truth from the rumors they have created.

Conversely, it was Park Chanyeol who talked to her now. And suddenly the blood in her heart rushed through her head, giving her such a terrible headache.

Chanyeol grasped her tiny fingers, made her look at him right away from the pain he created. “Do I look like I’m kidding?” his eyes pierced like a thousand sharp blades, “How dare he send you here to cover his ass?”

Again, she was shaking her head forcefully. Her wretched life was at its stake, and she did not want to mess it up.

“So,” Chanyeol leaned over, almost reached her thin lips to kiss her, “where—is—he?” he whispered on her face, steaming his breath that smells like mints, intoxicating her.

She gulped, her eyes shifting, whether to look at his eyes that suddenly turned turquoise, his red thick lips or to his ravishing figure.

“At my apartment,” finally she gave that answer after contemplating her decision quite long.

“He doesn’t know you are here, does he?” still in that distance, Chanyeol grabbed a few strands of her hair, caress it in slow motion.

She bit her lips, returning his question by nodding.

“Good,” Chanyeol grabbed his phone on his left, drew his body to lean back at the sofa. “You heard it, right? Take care of him,” he talked to the person across the phone, giving him an order.

“What is it?” her tone suddenly changed into an anxious one.

Chanyeol shrugged, threw his phone away carelessly. It left a loud thud when it landed on the floor near the big window on his left.

“Are you going to do something to him?” she looked puzzled at Chanyeol who was still sitting comfortably.

He grinned while flipping his hair, “What do you think about our superpower storyline made by our agency?”

Her eyebrows suddenly scowled, confused by his words.

“Answer me,” Chanyeol seized her neck with his long and thin fingers as she did not follow his flow, made her gasped as he almost choked her without a warning.

She grabbed his hand, hoping he would loosen it up. But no, she felt his skin was set on fire, scorching against hers around her neck. Chanyeol gave her a cold stare without a single twitch on his face. His pair of eyes—which had been covered by hazelnut before, turned bluer and bluer—gleaming a striking soft turquoise.

“I-it’s just a group concept for your debut as a singer under EXO,” she muttered under her breathless voice.

“And you believe the superpower we have are unreal, then?”

Her small eyes blinked slowly, her consciousness was fading as Chanyeol did not release his clutch. “No—I mean, yes, it is unreal.”

“Good,” his lips then formed a smirk, dragging her neck to get closer to him, “I’m not quite sure either his body will be scattered in pieces after Do Kyungsoo ripping him apart or drown into the sea with the help from Suho. But for sure, my members will give him a little mercy before doing so.”

She frightened. Her eyes widen as no words could pass through her throat.

“And for you, darling,” Chanyeol touched her face carefully, letting her screams roared in that empty room. His touch was excruciating, like she was burnt by fire from hell, “people will find your body next to the Han River tomorrow morning, burn to ash, leaving a couple strains of your hair, and maybe a few pieces of your bones.”

Chanyeol pushed her body until she fell from the sofa, left her glasses separated from her nose.

She was groping the dusty floor to take her glasses back, and found Chanyeol was playing with a tiny flame growing on his veined hand.


“Yes, darling,” he rose from his seat, waved his hand to put the red flame out. He stood to look down on her, “nobody can mess around with me, with us, with EXO, especially with those cheap rumors I do not deserve.” Both of his hands were inside the pockets of the blue jeans he was wearing, while his body was surrounded by a sudden puff of gray smoke. 

Terrified, she backed off by crawling on the floor. Without looking at his statue-like figure, she ran towards the door while asking the shrill of help to the man in a suit she met before. Her tears cracked when she found the door locked tightly. Then she hurriedly walked to the shoulder-height window beside the main door, pounding on the glass covered with the resembling dust to seek an aid.

Knowing her efforts had ended in vain, she ran towards an empty corner, found Chanyeol in the center of the room holding up both of his hands to rise a pair of phoenix-wings blaze. The red flame touched the ceiling, shattered the glasses that covered the roof above his head, burned the flowery shirt he was wearing.

Chanyeol walked slowly towards her while reducing the flames that kept swaying around his body.

“I’m so sorry. I promise I will make a statement about these rumors. I will obey you, just please don’t kill me,” she fell on her knees, rubbing both palm of her hands, “please, Oppa,” she begged for his leniency.

“Too late, darling. It’s too late,” his lips pressed together to form a straight line.

He stopped his footsteps, giving her enough space to feel a slight of heat where the flames were still whirling fiercely around him.

“Now, you will understand—” he raised his right hand, moved his fingers like they were dancing to each other, “—why fire is killing you.”