The Bliss You Seek

The orange hues were fading, gradually grew faint as the sun rose higher in the dim sky. Yet, it was still under seven and the mist and dew were mingled, luring the lone grasses who bent in the middle of their sleep to follow the wind and sway.

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Why Fire Is Killing You

After the guy with the black suit letting her enter the room with the towering walls, she could only stare at him with all doubts from the motion of her jittery eyes—until his attendance slowly disappeared from the gap of the door.

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One Who Commands The Death

Its presence did not pose a threat—merely stared in silence.

As the breath of wind swung its elegant raven-black cloak, its dark lips moved—whispered, uttering one word with all the pain from a thousand blades.

In suffer, he knelt—begged for its wrath to melt.

He said ‘mercy, mercy, mercy.’.

But one’s stood still, released the sins he had committed from the look in its dreadful eyes.

Yes, he was not ready to die.

It Is You, All Along

The windows on my left barely touched the roof, but the width was as broad as this room. From the lights that came through the slit between the thin purple curtains, I believed it was morning. Or perhaps in the middle of the day. I wasn’t sure.

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A Story of The Shoeshine

Dawn came with a dreary gray, ominous without a sign of warning. Until the clouds gradually cracked into a half, exposing the radiant of the sun light, he still did not care.

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