Again, I felt the same pulse.

It thumped me on the chest harder than ever, as if a swarm of timpanists were clashing the drums and fighting between themselves. I still ignored it until the ordinary beat became a frenetic, perpetual rhythm.

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Life Line

Throughout the sun, I was only able to see the cloud. They huddled together like a flock of woolly sheep, wavy but fluffy as marshmallows. Last night, I discovered the same cloud. They were unfolding like the muddy lake’s surface, with no ripples as if it were about to engulf anyone who crossed it. And the woman to my right did the same thing.

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Night Over Night

Tonight, he is still wearing the same garments; a dark wrist-length sweater that almost hid his tiny knuckles along with a light brown trousers with a certain cut; makes his legs look taller. I see his fingers are rubbing together, as if he asks me to hold them. The absence of light around us makes me unable to find what kind of shoes he is currently on. Yet, his charming figure mesmerizes me, always.

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