It Is You, All Along

The windows on my left barely touched the roof, but the width was as broad as this room. From the lights that came through the slit between the thin purple curtains, I believed it was morning. Or perhaps in the middle of the day. I wasn’t sure.

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The tip of her finger paused of tracing the words. Her heart refused to take a dash of air. ‘It smells awful’, she said. She couldn’t help but wonder whether the filthy breeze was assorted among the dusts, dirts and mold, or just originated from a stench of death at the corner of the room.

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Again, I felt the same pulse.

It thumped me up, right on my chest, stronger than before, as if a throng of timpanists clashed the drums and create a battle among themselves. I always ignored it until the beat of ordinary turned to be frenetic, perpetual sound. Restless, unease, they shrouded me in anxiety. Something’s missing in me since the dreadful ordeal took them away, both who I loved―mom and dad. Something dark; something hollow; which began to harass inside my head and distracted my consciousness. And I haven’t figured it out. Not yet.

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Pelukku menyambutmu dalam rindu, cintaku terangkai manis membentuk segenggam bunga. Namun kau semu, bersembunyi di balik bayang-bayang, menatapku dengan lucutan tanya yang merundung membentuk setumpuk kelabu. Kelabu yang tak mampu kubaca.

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Throughout the sun, I was only able to see the cloud. They flocked, overlapped, like a league of woolly sheeps; wavy yet soft as marshmallows. I found the exact cloud last night. They were unfolding like the surface of the muddy lake; without a ripple as if it would swallow anyone who crossed it. And the woman on my right did exactly the same.

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